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My discs are bigger than your discs =P

LD Fans Unite!!

Laserdisc Fan Community
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Brain: Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?
Pinky: I think so Brain, but how will we fit the Betamax tape into the Laserdisc player?

This community is for fans of the oh-so-aged, but never forgotten optical disc media, the Laserdisc. Sure LD's have been replaced by the DVD as the media of choice for the film collector (ironically, DVDs are about to be replaced themselves, but that's another story for another time), but that doesn't mean we have to toss away our beloved collections of shiny 12" gems. In fact, there's plenty of reasons why we should hold onto them and some reasons that make them better than DVDs (no really!)

If you're new to the LD format and would like some information about it, here's a good primer if you're interested: Laserdisc Primer - for those who went straight from VHS to DVD! A little out of date (so a lot of the links provided are dead) but the information is still solid.

So here are some rules for this forum . . . READ AND HEED!!!
Keep it clean - while I know it is unlikely that we'll find any LD fanatics under the age of 18, we should still try to maintain some decency here. Try to keep your posts in the PG-13 range.

Keep it on topic - remember, this community is about Laserdiscs. You can talk about movies in general, even DVDs, VCDs . . . hell, even about CEDs (if anyone else remembers those I'll know I'm not that much of a geek!), but anything I find off-topic is verboten and will be deleted accordingly.

Do post about - your experiences with LD's and LD players and why you still hold onto them. Such musings and information would surely be appreciated by other members.

Do post about - LD-related sales, websites, stores and the like and your experiences with them. Even if you are attending/have attended any shows or conventions that will have LD's will be nice to hear about.

Do post about - any sales you, yourself might be having. I'm sure anyone else on the list would love to expand their collection.

If you post images - try to keep them under 640x480. If you have to make them larger, please put them behind an lj-cut
That's all I can think of for now as far as rules go. I'm sure there will be more forthcoming as the community ages.

Links worth taking note of (NOTE--I have not done business with all of these sites, so exercise a little buyer beware!):

Laserdisc Forever - a great fansite with a lot of good information about collecting Laserdiscs in this day and age.

Jeff's Movie Finder - formerly the Used LD Finder, great little utility that scans a couple hundred sites for any movie title you're looking for!

DVD-Laser.com - this is the website for the long-running DVD-Laserdisc Newsletter (formerly The Laserdisc Newsletter.) They keep a huge database of reviews of Laserdiscs (and even DVDs.) Great place to look to if you're pondering a certain LD purchase.

Big Emma's - a great place to find used LD's. They also buy used LD's!!

Lasertown - another spot for LDs. They're not cheap, but they do have some hard to find titles.

Discount Laserdiscs - seems to have a pretty big selection at pretty good prices

SendMeMovies.com - formerly The Laserdisc Division, they still carry a good number of new and used LD's

Laserflicks - Kinda pricey, but a large amount of clearance LDs

Ebay Laserdiscs - this is a link to Ebay's list of LD auction lots

Ebay Laserdisc Players - here's a link to Ebay's list LD players (if you ever need a replacement!)

Wikipedia Laserdisc Entry - wikipedia's (the free online encyclopedia) entry on Laserdisc . . . very informative!

Laserblazer - recommended by zrath

David Paul Gregg and the Optical Disc - article from about.com on David Paul Gregg inventing the Laserdisc.

Laserdisc Archive - Great UK website detailing info on just about any Laserdisc player that was ever made!

LD FAQ - article (PDF page) by Bob Nilund originally printed in the Lasermagic 1998 Speical Issue of Widescreen Review magazine. Very informative, if a bit technical.

Audio Comparison of Jurassic Park on LD vs DVD - just one example on how Lasersdiscs sound better than DVD . . . and it wasn't even the marvellous sounding DTS Laserdisc they used in the comparison!!

Yahoo Japan Auctions: Laserdisc Players - if you're looking to upgrade your current LD player, Japan has the best LD players out there, and you can generally get a good deal from here . . . of course being able to read some Japanese helps! NOTE: not all sellers will ship internationally, so be on the lookout for that in the auction description!

Yahoo Japan Auctions: Laserdiscs - Japan has a lot of LD programming that was never put to LD (and in some cases, VHS or DVD!); Disney's Song of the South is one of the more famous titles collectors vie for on LD. Again, some knowledge of the Japanese language does help! NOTE: not all sellers will ship internationally, so be on the lookout for that in the auction description!

Bayview Electronics - Authorized Pioneer Service Center who also sell refurbished Laserdisc players. Great place to go to if you want to upgrade or need your player serviced.

Spannerworks DTS and Dolby Digital Laserdiscs - A list as comprehensive as any I've seen of all US/NTSC released DTS and Dolby Digital Laserdiscs that have been pressed. Great reference if you're wondering if a certain movie has a digital surround mix.

Cinedrome MUSE Hi-Vision LD Reviews - Site (I believe, Swiss, in origin) that has some reviews of the rare, ahead of its time, High Definition MUSE Laserdisc format devised by Sony.

Laserdisc Planet - Laserdisc seller geared toward the VERY serious, enthusiast collector, specializing in rare discs (and charging accordingly.) Still, has a couple of reasonably priced discs if you dig deep enough. Plus, the museum section is a good read.

Laserdisc Vault - Haven't ordered from them, but seems to be a vendor geared towards collectors

More to come!!

Promotional Photo of the first Pioneer Laserdisc Player,
The VP-1000

(image from of BLAM's MCA DiscoVision Website)

The Magnavision Model 8000
The first optical videodisc player to be released to the general public

(image from of LaserVision Landmarks)

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